#1 New Release in MMA, #61 Bestseller in Contemporary Christian Fiction

Over the weekend, my debut novel somehow shot from being nowhere remotely close to any Amazon bestseller list to now currently sitting at #11 Bestseller in Mixed Martial Arts and #61 Bestseller in Contemporary Christian Fiction. It’s also the [number one bestseller in the MMA “New Release” category. Praise God for His favor because I have a fairly small following, it’s my first book, I’m anti-woke, and I didn’t do anything special. In fact, many of my “big influencers” haven’t come through yet.

I shared about these new rankings yesterday on my own platforms, and more pre-orders rolled in, so I know I need to ride this wave strategically. If you feel so inclined, please pre-order (it’s a great Christmas present for any adult woman who loves to read) and share it with your audiences if they’re a good fit.

And if you’d like to bypass Amazon and support an independent Christian bookstore instead, Baker Book House is selling it for $10 with free shipping until it officially “launches” on November 2nd. Then the price goes up to 15.99 again, I believe.

Many thanks in advance!


Congratulations Carmen!!! That is a huge accomplishment.

Thank you so much, Adam! I’m still kind of in shock, to be honest.

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Congrats and exciting to see that quick traction.


Thank you, Nate. Yes, now I just have to keep it going!


Congratulations! That is fantastic news!