A value-aligned bank

Consider this article,

It lists a handful of value categories, including Christian, but nothing for the political and cultural right. After all, a “Christian” bank may not be fully aligned elsewhere.

More so, the only “right wing” bank in existence is First Premiere and that’s only based off of the donations of employees… and its basically a slum bank that offers subprime credit cards nominally to help people regrow their credit, and the founder and owner is being investigated for possession of child porn. Yeah…

It has become increasingly clear that we need a right-wing bank.

We need basic business services but we don’t need the full scope (at least not now) of services that banks provide. So the question is: what services would be need in order to establish a credible bank for the right?

I’m not expert in banking regulations so if anyone is please chime in.


Banking is a tough topic because the entire industry of banking is essentially about imposing what the regime imposes. Being right-wing functionally requires you to resist or be non-compliant with all kinds of things, and the level of that which is possible in banking is pretty slim. In general, we should be seeking ways to depend less on banks and to make some of their functions obsolete with better alternatives.

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It would be great to have a right aligned bank. Where did you get the info on donations from employees? I remember a ranking of companies based on the giving of their employees, but it was just the largest, not exhaustive. For now, I use Weiss ratings to find the strongest banks and leave it there. If my bank went woke and I knew about it, I would find another.

I’ve heard good things about Woodforest National Bank, based in Woodlands, TX I believe.



Yeah, banking is something that deserves attention, but it’s a fairly opaque industry. I’ve never seen a decent book that really described how banks operate.

And from what I understand, SarbOx created a nearly insurmountable barrier to entry, so that now the only practical way to start a bank is to acquire one that’s already up and running.