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Suggest and discuss businesses that are openly or potentially aligned (you may also note ones that are particularly opposed, and better alternatives worth considering)

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Here is “basedcon,” which is a sci-fi convention that isn’t explicitly political but was started by and for people on the right.

More so, when activists tried to shut it down, the venue owner apparently proved quite “based” himself by scoffing at it and expressing his skepticism regarding election integrity.

This is in Michigan and it seems to me that if possible, we should support this event but especially the venue owner. The venue represents infrastructure and we really need that.

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@NateFischer in terms of alignment, I heard about New Founding via another site that is not just aligned, but is active in the same space as New Founding…in the interest of not exposing personal emails here, you should reach out via [email protected]

I am not the key decision-maker on this project, but I can definitely see the possibility of some kind of cooperation, and just wanted to make sure that conversation happened


My business is a small craft supply store. I would like to find other similar businesses that I can collaborate with. Also looking for art and craft wholesalers to support by ordering through them.

Welcome to you both. This is the right space so let’s see what we can do!

I am the President of a commercial equipment lending company. I would be very interesting to know how I can make my company available to other companies needing capital and would prefer to work with a like-minded company.

Joe - we’re working on a platform that will help with this. For now, best is your profile here combined with a post in the Services Offered and Wanted category (Services Offered and Wanted - New Founding)

Periodically I get an email from New Founding describing one or two alternative businesses. Why don’t you keep a running list of these businesses on this web site? How else am I going to find them?