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Any business idea, project, or opportunity—especially those relevant to the current political trends or our movement’s needs.

You may use this for anything related, including posting a short summary or longer manifesto about an idea of project to find others who can give feedback or potentially collaborate/invest/join/etc.

Ideologically aligned and crowdsourced recruiting services. This may be in the works - but to flesh it out: aligned companies can contact the service to find ideologically aligned executives/rank-and-file employees, and pay a finders fee upon hire.

The community behind the service can be crowdsourced since frankly each individual person who is a member of forums like this are in the best position to identify good candidates (both in terms of skills and values). Members who identify a candidate share in the commission.
The service can have actual recruiters on staff that screen candidates and promote positions to the crowdsourced community. If individuals “refer” themselves, they can get part of the commission as well.

Seems like a low risk way of motivating members to contribute to the conservative business ecosystem, and companies are already accustom to the idea of paying recruiters. Might help motivate individuals to switch from left leaning companies, because the offer is a secured position which comes from a friend. Also, it is common for recruiters to know the comp bands/job specifics. They can communicate those specifics to reduce the activation energy require to get someone to move jobs/localities. If all else fails, the on-staff recruiter can drum up new hires for the companies, and value aligned members.