Alternative Cell Phone Plans: Any practical experience?

I’m looking to get away from Verizon and have been looking at these MVNOs which use the Verizon, etc. networks (e.g. Patriot Mobile, PureTalk USA).

Does anyone have any practical experience using them? I’m concerned about being a 2nd class citizen on the networks, experiencing throttling, etc. I’m not looking to stream 4K video endlessly or game all day, but would like reliable service and fast data speeds for browsing and other app usage.

I appreciate the insights.

I have US Mobile. I am not sure where they stand on social issues but the cost is low and the service is acceptable, not stupendous.

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I have been with Patriot Mobile on the AT&T network for a year now. I have had NO issues. I love the reduction in price, and the coverage/network is the same as always.


I have been using Consumer cellular for several years, great service. They use the big guys networks but without the BS. If you call for help you get a real English speaking person within minutes.


Moved to US Mobile a couple weeks ago. I could not be happier and it’s nice not having to deal with the big guys. I’m paying only $32/month (total!) for 3 phones with unlimited voice/txt and 1GB shared data.

I wish I knew where they stood though.

I know that calling is important but what about date streaming speed? I see a lot of plans that that speed is much lower. Unless I’m connected to a wifi. Verizon alone is 9.63Mnps download and upload is .95Mbps. This is 4gLTE . I know 5g is supposed to be different but read up on who is the biggest developer of 5g and it points to china. Seem like you just can’t win.

What about Mint Mobile, Pure Talk and Patriot Mobile as far as dependability and quality of service?

We used to use Consumer Cellular as well until we realized how many liberal companies they support like AARP. We went to T- mobile, temporarily, to have a hot spot, but now headed to Pure Talk or Patriot Mobile.

Would also like to see if anyone has used the Purism phone and cell plan. I haven’t but am very drawn to the concept.

They’re full blow privacy and open source.

I’ve had Mint Mobile for a few years, and it’s very inexpensive: $180 a year for 4 GB/month. I’ve had very few problems with it. Every so often, calls get dropped, but that can happen with more expensive plans.