Anti-Woke Shopping Guide

This is my current list of reccommended shopping alternatives, for anyone who wants to peruse: The (Updated) Anti-Commie Shopping Guide!

It’s more geared towards women since I started it as a way to build up my email list.

Some of the brands are definitely aligned (like 1stPhorm), others (like Maven Thread) are just apolitical in the their marketing, and some (like Tula) have cringe-marketing but they still partner with conservatives/Christians on social media so I’m willing to include them for now. I try to update it about every three months and remove the ones who virtue-signal or get bad reviews.

The Goods Unite Us app is one of the most helpful things on the list, imo. It helps one get in the habit of being a more conscientious consumer.


Nice list. Where are the $$$ that could start an online shopping to compete with Amazon. Everything made in America from socks to washing machines. Any product not American made would be excluded. I believe 60% of the people would switch from the left’s store.


American company to consider lots of great stuff on there


Please add me to your list. Have you considered adding Levi and Disney to your woke list?

I just discovered ERVA is a Made in USA production source for backyard birding supplies.

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Hi Ike,

What is your email? I’lld add you :slight_smile: is my email

Creating a “woke vs. aligned” list is one thing. Creating a “Made in America” list is perhaps entirely another.

If you try to overlap those two criteria, you may have a much harder time generating critical mass, and not everybody believes in “Made in America” as much as they do “Go woke go broke”, or vice versa.

Just my $.02. I would either keep them separate or make them selectable criteria in your list, so people can shop “anti-woke”, “Made in America”, or both.

The previous link to your Woke don’t shop list did not work for me. Can you please resend post it here? Previous email you sent did not work for me.

Given woke is now across the West a non-woke guide has more reach than a “Made in America” one does, while having the potential to yield better results. From a cultural perspective what Carmen is doing is very important. Most of us don’t have the time to research cultural products before consuming them, and having a guide is helpful.

That being said, on the long run we need to approach culture from a top-down perspective. Thousands of cultural products are released every week and no one can study them all and we don’t need endless shopping guides, besides, I’m sure Carmen would rather focus on writing :wink:

Instead, what if the products themselves had a symbol on them, which would tell you not only this product is not woke, but it was created by artist(s) who only want to offer a true cultural experience, free of any woke ideological bent? Imagine walking into a book store and while browsing you find that symbol on some books. You can’t be sure about the others but those that have the symbol were made with an heterodox intent, which simplifies your time as a consumer and free you from having to research.

That’s what Newtown does. It is a cultural certification that connects consumers to culture they want to consume, free of charge. Check my introduction thread for more info


Thank you for taking the time to create this list, it’s very nice! I’ve added it to my bookmarks for the next time I need to shop for something!

Would you mind adding me to the list of services? I’m a Character Designer/Illustrator who’s open to taking on new freelance projects! Everything you need to know is here on my site:

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