Any good alternatives for office collaboration to Google Docs or Office365?

Hi all. Our private school is pretty big Google Docs users for document collaboration and, for reasons that need not be described here, we’d like to get away from them. Any suggested alternatives? I was excited by the encryption Skiff was offering but unfortunately they only do word processing right now and we need spreadsheets.


I work in education, but feel stuck with Google (would never do O365) because of user adoption issues with something else.

What about OnlyOffice ( or CryptPad (

I use CryptPad for more sensitive writing I’ve done and really like it.

OnlyOffice offers EDU pricing, and the cloud edition is free.

Appreciate those, I will look into them, thanks. But yeah, there is this issue of… I’m a “tech guy”, I’m willing to learn and try a new service. Your average first grade teacher just wants to use something easy that she already knows.

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Exactly! That’s the dilemma we face in getting the privacy-focused tools adopted. :frowning:

I’m a huge fan of NextCloud, so you could hook that in as well.

Use Urbit.
I can show you how

Try Brave nrowser’s internxt. Its supposed to be like google drive.

Brave browser. Sorry. open office is open source though I don’t know if you can collaborate online with it? Maybe if you use a blog like wordpress?

Protonmail also has ProtonDrive and Calendar. It’s quickly becoming the replacement for Google.

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I use Proton currently and love it!

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I use for my workspace. They’re headquartered in India. I currently use them for my business email, e-signing documents, and video platform. Check them out here:

We recently started using Skiff and I like it. You can write documents and share them with people and you can use the cloud storage to be distributed. One drawback is that so far it’s pretty limited in what types of documents you can edit and share. You can’t do slides and while you can make tables, they don’t come with the full spreadsheet options yet.

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at the bottom of this page you will see links to private browsers, storage, email, messaging apps, social medias, VPNs, search engines and more.

Nextcloud with Collabora Document Server. If you want to see it in person I can give you a demo on my personal instance, just send a message.