Anyone in here?

Hi I’m Nick.

Currently in Oregon. Probably will be for a while.

I’m here because I want to be a part of this effort in some way. Its frustrating because the idea of carving out new Systems/Institutions is really really difficult. Not impossible though. I do think there is a missing component to this effort and other efforts like this. It combines an old aspect of American life that is essentially extinct. and other ideas which I will make a more in depth post about later this month.

Here is a preview:

There seems to be several simultaneous problems happening at once. (this is obviously not a comprehensive list)

  • Over saturation of quick consumable videos

  • Online Tribalism

  • Personal Media bubbles

  • Increasing disinterest in the physical world

  • Cultural Deconstruction

  • Incentive structures that to heavily weighted towards big tech

  • The obvious and irritating ideological propaganda of media and
    entertainment. (left and right)

    In light of these kinds of problems crashing there way through our lives. I think part of the solution (in addition to the creation of new systems/institutions) is there needs to be a “new tent” under which entertainment happens. This “Tent” is not beholden to any large company and more importantly it does not “run on the rails” of the internet. The idea crystallized while I was listening to a book called “The Master Switch” by Tim Wu who is a professor at Columbia Law School. In short the book is about a “history of the American information industry” Where he discusses a pattern that goes something like this:
    “invention begets industry and industry begets empire”

the above is what you will find if you search for a book summary.

It’s not inaccurate, but incomplete. He also describes it like this:

Invention leads to industry , Industry becomes empire, empire (think business empire) becomes stagnant and over saturated, new invention disrupts old, rinse repeat.

Anyway when the ideas from this book mixed with other ideas I had been thinking about it rendered something interesting.

So I’ll leave it there for now. Because I want to lay out the full concept so people can rip it apart if it sucks or build off of it. Or if it seems to silly simply ignore it.

Anyway looking forward to connecting with other people. Take care.


Hello Nick and welcome!

That new tent is Newtown. I invite you to read my intro to it in the Welcome section, and feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or want to know more.


Since good 30 years of research we put together the perfect system.
The interest of implementation got questionable after few threats received…

Are you talking about an alternate internet structure?

It is about societal systems restructuring, upgrade and needed changes, so it would function perfectly(near perfect, as human isn*t 100% …)

Welcome Nick, I too am new and also love Calvin & Hobbes.

I was just talking about the entertainment aspect of this to my husband on Sunday. We have Hollywood outcasts that already have studios & creating, but they’re all small & underfunded (John Schneider, Kirk Cameron, Scott Baio etc). The Daily Wire has branched out into creating movies, childrens books & shows. If other conservative outlets would pool their resources like Rumble & Locals social we could see a switch quicker. Unfortunately, so many of the NEW media concentrate only on politics & news. While important, we need to be entertained as well with sitcoms, movies, literature & music of varying genres. Talent is out there just waiting to work without hiding their beliefs in woke Hollywood. The few brave souls have said there are many who don’t dare say anything because they know it’s career ending. BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME.


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Hello Tammie,

Indeed talent is out there, as well as the mass who wishes to consume true culture, but one of the main problems is how we connect the two? Ben Shapiro may feel like a big player to us but his company’s output is but a drop in the ocean as thousands of cultural products of all kind are released every week.

Newtown offers a free and easy solution to that problem and you can learn more about it in this introduction thread. Feel free to visit the website if you want to know more. Do get in touch if you have questions or wish to discuss it further.

Welcome aboard!

I just thought I would mention- that I do not think of it strictly as entertainment… especially in these times of what is not only insanity …but also an opportunity of the new frontier. I think of what is going on - in the conservative and Christian Media -as encouragement- if that’s not too simple.

I do not have any legitimate/ structured internet services has to offer …however in the past I have written song lyrics …and I have a song on SoundCloud.
Is titled ‘looks with love’, -& it is posted under my middle name- which is Scott,-so that is Scott Johnston