Anyone in Tennessee?

I’m reaching out to see if anyone lives in Tennessee - perhaps the Knoxville or Chattanooga areas and if so how do you like it? I’m in California…and well…that’s probably all I need to say.

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Don’t live in TN full time but own a lot of land up there and have deep roots/extended family, and a good bead on the real estate market. Happy to be a resource on landing spots.

FWIW, Chattanooga is a fantastic landing spot. Fairly red as far as cities go, absolutely gorgeous scenery, close proximity to mountains, and great jobs. Could get land outside Chattanooga for fairly reasonable prices, but don’t delay too long - Cali refugees are driving up prices around the state and its not gonna stop going bonkers anytime soon!

Do you need to be in a city for a job or do you have some flexibility to work from home? Are you looking for a rural experience?

Happy to DM on the side if better.

We are in the process of relocating from California to rural Tennessee. We have selected a homestead between Nashville and Knoxville north of the 40 on the plateau. Our goal is to be as self-reliant as possible while working with our local community to develop connections. My husband is retired military and currently a government contractor. We will be 50 mins from Oak Ridge for potential employment for him. But with medical mandates looming we are not sure how long government employment will be viable as we are choosing to not receive the current injection.

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I am in Dunlap.We bought a house and moving next week. We will be part-time for a bit but looks like our goals are the same. Corrina


Thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay in mine. I have my own online business so I have flexibility in where I’m located. I don’t want to be too far (more than 15-20 minutes) from a city though as I have kids and want them to have access to the activities they currently enjoy.

I’m also looking at Franklin, TN and/or surrounding areas. I don’t want to be “in the city” - in regards to Nashville and possible Chattanooga - I would like to be close but have just a little distance (10-15 minutes).

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I retired to Walland TN, about 10 minutes from The Smokies and love it here.

I’m in pretty much the exact same boat as @unitedtaps here - looking to move a young family to a beautiful place with some land, thinking TN looks good.

Would love to tie in with a good homeschool community, as being part of one of those growing up was a huge part of who I am and we will presumably want to homeschool our kids when the time comes.

I too am currently coming from CA and have remote work flexibility and am looking for some rural life, but I (or more importantly my wife) would also like to be close enough to a bit of a population center to have some access to stores, doctors, preferably a reasonably reverently said Catholic Mass or two, and some friends/activities for the kids as they grow older.

Happy to hear any suggestions, and especially any information about Catholic and homeschooling communities.

Another question on the Catholic front - I’m reading that the Catholic Diocese of Knoxville is mandating vaccines for its employees at the end of the month? That’s no bueno for me.

Am I right in understanding that the state is split into three diocese? How are the other two as far as that sort of thing is concerned?

A bit of a litmus test for me is if in the pictures everyone at the Bishop’s Christmas Mass this year is wearing a mask, that’s pretty much a no go, whether it comes from the lack of judgment on the part of the diocese or from the overreach from the state.