Article V action, considered this!

I believe that the only way to fix America is through an Article V action. A good source of information regarding this is:

Convention of States Action](

Good reading, solid info, and a clear path to be free of the tyranny of DC.

Convention of states is not a wise idea. The corrupt politicians can send their delegates and then open up the constitution to changes anyway they see fit.

If we, the people get control of our states, then we have nothing to fear, FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real. We truly are in control. We have just been taught that we are not buy a federal government that seeks to control all outcomes for all people but mostly their own outcome financially. When we can actually trust, our school boards and teachers to teach real history, our local elected officials to do the right things, our state officials to do the right things…, then we will be back in control! Our founding fathers put Article V in the constitution for a reason and as with every other article that we come to rely on, I believe we can rely on our founding documents in total!!! Peace

It would be like saying that we need to rewrite the Bible because corrupt people got into the church! When the truth is that Jesus warned us in fact he promised us that there would always be wolves among us that he came not to bring peace divide. I am with you! I think the constitution is not the problem, rather we need to route out the stain of vipers overthrow some changing tables!

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And whip them with palm fronds on their way out the door!