Based Coffee Company - Hacker Brews Coffee

Hey All,
Wanted to launch my coffee company here, Hacker Brews Coffee. Aimed at the tech community and bucking woke social agendas, I hope to build this business from the ground up and I’d appreciate your help.


Really cool! As a fellow techie and former reader of HN, I laughed. Suggestion: accept bitcoin (happy to help with this if you like) and post it to

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Congratulations on your efforts. Both ethical and aligned, oh my!

@xocarmen Perhaps a fine addition to your list?

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Never heard of, I’ll give that a look. I do plan on accepting Crypto through a Coinbase integration, I just need to accumulate a bit of capital first so I’m not constantly having to exchange to USD when I have to pay my bills.

Thank you, happy to be started.

My unsolicited advise. “Crypto” is full of scams. Bitcoin is the only real thing. Consider something like instead of a scam casino like coinbase. Happy to engage in this conversation more if you like. Either way, I’ll be sending some business your way soon! Good luck!

While I understand where you’re coming from, Coinbase has a large existing customer base, and more importantly an easy integration with Shopify. I’ll have to see how that pans out in the future.

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