Based Credit Card Company

I need business personal credit cards with a based company. I want to end my relationship with Bank of America, but need somewhere to jump to that won’t be just more of the same garbage.



I’m interested as well.

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As it turns out, I was pleasantly surprised by my local independent bank. They just started offering decent credit card options for both personal and business. So I’m all set.


Yes, it is best that you find a good local bank. They are safer.

What was significantly better about them?

I work for a credit card processing company. The short answer is going local with bank services in general is a better bet. However, most local banks do not have their own processing services. They have contracted with a third party like myself. If they picked a good company, you will be fine using their recommendation. There are good ISO’s and bad ISO’s for processing, just like everything else. I am based and will be offering services here soon. However, it is important to note that individual processors have zero control over what their sponsor banks wish to implement, and zero control over what the card brands wish to push on merchants. We can analyze and reduce your costs and improve efficiency, as well as help you get your money faster, and we keep an eye on transactions that appear fraudulent. However, we don’t have control over what an entity like VISA suddenly deciding someone can’t support a person on Patreon, for example.
One thing I will say, never sign a lease for equipment unless you need a POS system right now, and make sure your ROI is good for what you will end up paying over the course of the lease period. If you’re looking at a $3500 set up for POS, it is most likely far better to get a small business loan.
Bottom line, there have been many cc processors and agents who have gouged clients for a long time so the industry has a a bad name aside from the banks and card brands. Find and agent that is an honest and reliable person whose company has a good track record. If they are knowledgeable you will have found a good partner for this service.