Become a RoofReboot applicator

I have been self-employed in the construction and service industry most of my career and as such have not been affected too much by vaccine mandates and corporate whims. Seeing how the pandemic affected those around me led me to structure my new company differently.

In 2021 I was afforded a unique opportunity to develop a new entry in the asphalt shingle reconditioning market named Roof Reboot. Roof Reboot is a product that extends the service life of asphalt roofs up to 15 years with a unique application system that is far more efficient and easier to use than anything else on the market. Our product is 98% USDA BioPreferred and saves homeowners over 80% the cost of a new roof.

Why am I saying this? The roof restoration/reconditioning market is growing rapidly and there is a lot of opportunity in the marketplace. Roof Reboot has been in test market for most of 2021 and now we are looking for applicators throughout the United States. Applicators are self-employed in their local markets and what we are offering is a no-nonsense entry into the roof restoration market. Unlike other opportunities in the market, Roof Reboot believes in the free market and charges no franchise fees and has no territory limits.

There is a lot more information on our product and process at as well as a contact form if you are interested in learning more or becoming an applicator.


Good afternoon. I am interested in your opportunity and would like more information about the particulars, including product, start up/financial commitment, market size, advertising support or marketing and anything else deemed necessary.
I am a small biz owner at present and have 2 son in laws that I could possibly tap into.
Matt Ney
[email protected]