Best Entities for Mission Churches

I am part of a growing Orthodox Christian mission parish in northern New England. This mission is in no small part an outgrowth of the insane reaction of government as well as many church leaders of various stripes to the Wuhan plague. We believe that we are called and required to meet, worship and commune, especially is times of strife and plague. As we contemplate taking steps forward in our organization, some of us are a bit leery of forming a non-profit organization as there is a feeling that the government is doing you a favor by granting tax-exempt status, with the threat of this benefit being taken away if you say or do the wrong things.

Does anyone have any experience with setting up entities for churches that might have some fresh thoughts on this topic? It seems like now is a good time to think outside the box with issues like this.

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I understand what you are saying. What benefits will you achieve by formalizing the church as a corporation? Are there more negatives than positives?

I also found this article: Is My Church a Nonprofit? (

Thank you. I think I’ll try to find the webinar mentioned in the article to understand more about it. Since we are small right now, we decided to utilize our Diocesan account for large donations and for people who want to write off their donations to the mission. We keep some cash on hand for monthly expenses and for charity.
It’s my understanding, as this woman mentioned, that we are already tax exempt as a church, so if that’s true, that’s good enough for now.