Book Club - Recommend Marketing Books

Use this thread to find good marketing books and to recommend books.

A few that I would recommend:

Ogilvy On Advertising - It’s a classic for a reason. Gives a great overview of what it’s like to work at an agency.

Copy Writing Secrets - Best book on copywriting I’ve read. It’s a great introduction and it was written in the digital age.

Trust Me, I’m Lying - Excellent book to understand earned media and how influencers work to some degree. Don’t buy his other books though. They’re not very good.

80/20 Sales And Marketing - A solid book for thinking about audiences and targeting. The 80/20 rule, which is essentially a Pareto distribution, is a force of nature worth recognizing.

Alchemy - Rory Sutherland, the author of this book, I believe works for Ogilvy’s. This is a great book that takes a lot of the behavioral economic lessons discovered by Thaler, Cialdini, and kahneman and gives great examples of them in practices

Purple Cow - There has to be at least one Seth Godin book in any book list about Marketing. It’s just the rules.

Propaganda - A great book that mixes Political Science with marketing. It’s an eye-opening look into the world of people who think they’re better than you. But it’s also a great read to understand how ideas spread and is a good introduction to earned media.


Why Culture Matters Most - a solid book on trust erosion in large groups. It illustrates that in order to maintain our value system, we need to ensure proper atomization and integration.

Lineages of Modernity - a work of anthropology (I know, I know) from one of the few truly good ones. It explores the relationship between culture and family structure. An excellent read.

Numbers from Nowhere - an excellent older work that dispels many of the left’s cherished myths regarding the so-called “genocide” of the natives. This is probably a must-read today.

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Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen
Book by Donald Miller

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This is the book I have lined up next to read.

The Peter Principle by Lawrence Peter