California stories

DON’T go saying left-right, republican-democrat, liberal-conservative.
DO tell a story about California.
-When, Where, What

Here’s mine:

Last Christmastime, in 2020, my family decided to visit San Francisco as we had for so many years before, as I had a business meeting there. Go to see the tree, the lights, have a cocoa, ride a cable car, walk around and enjoy the beautiful city by the bay.

We were so surprised at the level of homeless and trash. It has always been there in the City. But this time it was literally everywhere in the tourist areas: Embarcadero, Ferry Building, around the hotels. Overflowing trash cans. Trash all along the sidewalks. People “sleeping” on about every patch of grass. People wandering around half-dressed.

It was during 2020 covid lockdown yes. But it was incredible how things had disintegrated to a third-world level (and I have been to several third-world areas). Cable cars were not running. Restaurants take-out only. People stood and at on sidewalks and left their trash there on benches or the ground or in piles next to trash cans because the trash cans were overflowing.

After a few hours our children were scared and said, “Mom and Dad can we go home?”

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My family and I were stationed in California because of the military. When 2020 lockdowns happened we lived on the installation. We had no family close by. When the powers that be ordered everything closed we lost essentially every human tie we had. Our church was closed. My office was closed and I teleworked 80-90% of the time. The base was closed and we could not have family come visit. My leave was restricted and we couldn’t make it far enough to visit family. We pleaded with the elders to obey God rather than man and open the church. We felt like we were dying on the vine with no contact with anyone but ourselves. It was this experience that got us working on transferring out of California and swearing never to live on a military installation again. We achieved both this summer.

Rules meant “for my good” were the worst possible thing for me and my family. It was the hardest year of my marriage with my wife. By God’s grace, though, he used it to strengthen us.


Thanks for sharing. A harrowing story for the family. Sounds like you made out well after all.

I was part of a children’s rights group based in California that tried to put an end to gay marriage and the gay agenda. My boss, Robert Oscar Lopez, lost his job at UC for it. A fellow member of our group, Aaron Kheriaty, bless his soul, just lost his job at UC simply for speaking about natural immunity. We have another member, Jennifer Lahl, who lives near the Bay Area, and literally has to walk over human excrement all the time. It is awful. I thank god I live in Louisiana. Even though I have been vanished from my church for divorcing my husband, my community has allowed me to blossom into an anti-vax activist.