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As the parent of a high school senior we have started to scour the internet for college scholarship opportunities. Let me start again, as the parent of a male, non-minority, non-LGBTQ+, non-SJW, Christian high student…

A resource to high school seniors looking for scholarships and a resource for aligned resources to offer scholarships to this group would serve a great need!

My senior is interested in computer science, business, politics and is very gifted academically, musically and athletically. He, and a large number of similar kids, are the future of the movements and businesses we talk about in these forums. They are worthy of investment, whether scholarships, internships, first jobs, even venture capital as they start out.

Are there resources already out there to tap into? As you can imagine, our public school guidance counselors aren’t a great resource for aligned opportunities!


If your senior would consider serving in the military, the Air Force, Navy and Army all offer ROTC scholarships (the Navy’s program also commissions Marine Corps officers and I believe the Air Force is now commissioning space force officers). All the services need people with a willingness to build on an academic foundation to lead people and value athleticism (there aren’t many positions for musicians, but computer science, politics and business are all areas where the military can use expertise).

My suggestion is to seek a Christian college that offers free tuition or is a non-FAFSA educational institution. Yes, there are colleges available that will help students keep their debt ratio to a minimum. Non-FAFSA colleges deserve to be supported as they reserve their liberty and independence, not accepting grants from the federal government. This means the integrity of the school is not compromised by the whim of the next anti-Christian programming.

As a Grove City alum (although not a graduate) I appreciate their lack of entanglement with government funding. We have looked at Hillsdale, Grove City that seem to meet that criteria, although I was surprised to see GCC show up as an option when I was filling out the FAFSA . We continue to investigate pretty much every college east of the Mississippi and on either side of the Mason Dixon!

The college decision is one of many factors (offerings, geography, opportunities, etc.). Although I can make a case that one can find success pretty much any route a student may follow, my son is finding a lot of small Christian schools don’t offer the programs that interest him, the academic rigor he is seeking, or are prohibitively far from home (our mistake for living in Maine…far from everything). At the same time we are finding schools claiming a Christian heritage or espousing Christian doctrine, but which appear to have sold out to the culture and the voice of the day.

We follow a sovereign God, so ultimately no worry in the end. But we do want to faithfully invest the talents given to our kids.

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Our daughter just graduated from Hillsdale (MI) in May. I would urge you to check into the school and visit. She interacted with her professors and loved her college experience. The school did not buckle to pressure when covid came, and had in-person classes as soon as was possible, and an in-person, beautiful graduation weekend.

As a father of two sons, I share your concern (reading between the lines) about how our sons are going to be treated in 21st Century America, and I agree that they are worthy of investment, and they are the future of these movements. Hillsdale has some good programs that fit your son’s strengths.

As someone mentioned, my son received a very generous scholarship through Air Force ROTC. The U of Wyoming sought him out and essentially recruited him. He has found a vibrant Christian environment on that campus, much to our delight (and surprise).

If you’d like to talk further, please feel free to give me a call. Just message me and we can exchange contact info.


I’d add Patrick Henry College as a school to consider. Full disclosure, I’m an Associate Dean of Students there. I’m not here often but questions welcome.