Conducting research in the homeschool community

Hello everyone.

I’m a founding member of the team that is building Edpier, the platform for homeschoolers to find and create local homeschool groups and classes.

I am looking to further conduct research on the needs of homeschooling parents, as to more deeply understand the challenges of the homeschooling community and how we might fix it.

If you know anyone that homeschools I ask that you connect them to me.

You can reach me at:
(281) - 744 - 3025, or
[email protected]

Thanks and God bless. :rocket: :us:

Hello, I founded PBJ Learning to reach parents and children to teach them of the dangers of human trafficking. We would like to offer your homeschool parents access free access to our assessment-based online certificate course that requires zero teacher time as it is completely self-contained.

Please write me at [email protected] to discuss details.

You can learn more about us at