Conservative nonprofit leadership and development positions

Tocqueville warned that “if men are to remain civilized, or to become so,” in a relatively egalitarian and democratic age, “the art of associating together must grow and improve.”

American Philanthropic promotes the art of civil association by improving the effectiveness of American charitable foundations and nonprofit organizations. Our belief is that if such associations can more fully realize their visions, American civil society and American democracy will become healthier — and American individuals and communities will more fully flourish.

If you’re a talented professional who wants to have a real impact and strengthen American civil society, check out available positions with American Philanthropic and with our partners.


Hi Steve,

Wanted to introduce myself. I was previously part of Trump Administration and was part of the HHS leadership - Deputy CTO and Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Administration. Previously, I have worked nearly 3 decades in technology and am a business operator. In that, I am skilled at business operations and understand how to drive results in the context of strategy. I am the GSD (Get stuff done) guy and am looking for an organization that needs leadership, guidance or focus - that is where I help.

I reviewed some of the jobs in this posting, but if you are interested, we should probably have a brief discussion of the high impact areas. Here is my linkedin profile (feel free to share) Please review and your coaching is greatly appreciated thanks

Jon Cordova
(925) 628-3306