Conservative Robin Hood app?

Does anyone know of any app like Robin Hood that makes investing easy? That isn’t awful like Robin Hood?

It would be nice if somebody of the right mind would create something similar. To be honest I think I’m done with the market. Everything is so manipulated. You may be alright with the SNP500 stocks. Outside of that I don’t trust it. Most all of it is a scam held up by the fed. I’m hoping smart contracts in crypto will eliminate the need for Wall Street and it’s corruption. That is if we can get government out of the way. Tyrants don’t like giving up power.

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The unfortunate truth is that stock trading is commission free because they are selling order flow. It’s complicated, but if you’re not paying commissions you are probably not the customer.

The stock market is very scammy and you just have to accept that if you are going to be in the game at all.

One interesting idea I have heard about but have no firsthand knowledge of is crypto-based smart contracts that mimic stocks on the blockchain.

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Yes, I am curious about how this will be integrated myself. I had actually thought about starting up my dream of starting an aerospace company as a crypto like corporation. The idea was to eliminate or at least reduce the corruption of a corporation by eliminating its ability to be manipulated with stock purchasing power while still allowing investment and funding power of a corporation. The idea was rather simple but not complete. The business would be ran as a nonprofit organization. It would only be allowed to hold a certain amount of cash for capital expenses with the majority of its revenue required as a reserve held in its own cryptocurrency. The organization would then only be able to cash out its cryptocurrency reserves for investment of the business. A better word for cryptocurrency in this place is a token in the form of a cryptocurrency. This system creates a continuous demand for the token with majority of revenues going directly to the token. It also ensures the largest bag holder to be continuously investing in a future demand by generating profits off any tokens it liquidates. The side effect is supply is only liquidated for future compounded demand. This gives the investor in the token tremendous capability to profit and even other capabilities set by the organization. It would also allow for returns on staking to incentivize the capability of the network. This would in turn operate like dividends to allow investors to maintain investment of the future of the company while still making side revenues. This kind of a system could potentially reduce corruption of the company by placing the power of the purse and not the power of the organization itself in the hands of the investor. It allows for brave centralized investment leadership without fear of hostile and often nefarious public takeover of the company. Not sure if I would do this as the controversy behind it would take away from what I want to accomplish with the aerospace company I would like to start. Never the less it is an interesting concept that could resolve a lot of issues of corruption. Especially when things like smart contracts become more complex. Ensuring specific powers within the organization can become trustless.

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All I know is that Im closing my TD trading account. I was told it would only cost 10.00 per trade. I asked specifically “are there any other costs?” and was told NO. Later they were taking money out quarterly. Since I needed a US and CDN account the quarterly costs were doubled (+HST). They they said “well if you put 15k in the account we won’t charge you”. So I asked, “if I pull that 15k back out, are there any associated costs?” they never answered. I asked like 5 times. No answer. Since they lied to me the first time, I’m closing it.