Digital Note taking apps

Hey does anybody have options for digital note apps taking since I don’t trust apple or google. I would like something if possible that works on a variety of devices?

Personally I use an app called Notability it cost $9 I think but you can handwrite, type, do voice notes, voice to text, or handwriting to text. Plus you can import pdf and images

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Been playing around with Standard Notes, seems to work fine.

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I use Devonthink, it’s very powerful but only available for Mac and iOS. Evernote is probably the most popular, but I avoided it because your data get locked into their cloud format. I want to be able to get my data back out, and not be overly tied to someone else’s cloud.

One option you might find attractive is Obsidian. I haven’t used it, but from what I understand it works on pretty much any platform that runs the Electron framework (Mac, Windows, Linux, not sure about status of mobile apps).

More: A Guide to Obsidian: Local, Markdown-Powered Networked Notes - SitePoint

Mobile: Mobile Apps - Obsidian


I use Squid on Samsung and Acer because I can use a stylus and keep handwritten notes.