DuckDuckGo is still better than the rest

Quick note on the DuckDuckGo switch.

I’ve used DDG since before it was cool… having dropped Google years ago.

I use Brave browser, exclusively, and fully support the founder.

However, when DDG came out and started censoring Russia, I tested them and other search engines out.

Brave uses GOOGLE as it’s underlying search engine, and will display very similar results as GOOGLE (go see for yourself).

Try searching “2020 election was stolen” in Brave search and compare with DDG and Google.

DDG is still the best option at the moment, although their recent decision concerns me greatly.

DDG is still the most uncensored, propaganda-free engine. This is after testing other search engines as well.

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Interesting. What’s the situation with Startpage?

Also uses GOOGLE as a foundation :frowning:

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Brave actually bought Tailcat, which it turned into its search engine.

Neeva is a great alternative as well, ad-free and private. I spent a year in their beta program and use it as my primary search engine.

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Ah, that’s at least some good news.

Brave browser is based off of Chromium, and their search results are alarmingly similar to Google’s own results. I will still steer away from them at the moment until I see less Propaganda in the result list.

Neeva requires you to log in to search ad free. I would personally be suspicious as once you log in they can collect and store data on everything you search. Also they are founded by ex-google employees and promoted in the NY Times. Just sayin.

Brave and Presearch are my search engines of choice.

Brave is especially recommended because as @bayviewbadger mentions, they do not rely upon one of the big players for the engine backend.

@tarmezan, the search results from Brave have nothing to do with the browser, and you can use from any browser, not just Brave. Brave is also the only browser to my knowledge that does not have Google or Bing as its default search engine (besides the browsers native to a few Linux desktop environments like Konqueror).

It is true that Brave is built on the Chromium engine, but this is fully open source and to my knowledge does not depend upon Google services.

If you didn’t want to use a browser with a Chromium backend, you could always use Firefox or one of its forks, but the Mozilla foundation is every bit as woke as Google if not more.

Basically, I see no reason to use Duck Duck Go at all when these alternates exist. They’re admitting to censorship for political reasons. There’s no reason go with them when better alternatives exist.


I’ve been using Brave since it began, the Search is only recent. I’ve been using DDG since 2016.
DDG is still better (non-propaganda) than Brave Search… even though I wholeheartedly support Brave Browser and its founder.

Want to compare results?
Research for yourself …
Look at the top 10 results and you’ll see that Brave has propaganda at the top of it’s results.

Here, allow me:
CNN, WSJ, USAToday, WaPo, PBS (yikes!! Look at these players)


RepublicanInsider, AllSides, IOTWReport, NYPost (ahh!! Much better, more balanced)

I don’t think this is necessarily a good argument. An algorithm that favors unbiased statistical ranking would be influenced by the manipulated results from other search engines.

Yeah … as a 12 year web programmer, algorithms are fun.
To each, their own. Same with how we use the web and search.

When searching for the phrase, “2020 election was stolen,” you’d hope to find some articles that correlate to the phrase you’re searching for… after all, those are the keywords you entered, in the order you entered them. Algorithms that provide the results they want you to read, based off of the topic, rather than your search phrase, is a search engine that is influencing what you learn.

This is interesting. How did you figure out Goog was underlying platform for Brave? It was created by guy who helped create (and left Mozilla, Firefox because of being called to carpwt for his principles)?

I’m a web programmer, and researching this stuff has been my MO for the past 12 years. I try to avoid Big Tech if at all possible… so I dig deep to research who and how and why.

A while back I started using