Events Producer - Dallas Cultural Arts

Job Overview

The Live Events Producer will have ownership of the local design and execution of a perpetual series of “neighborhood meetup” scale events (~50 people). Events will last ~90 minutes and will re-fresh (new programming) twice a month. Success is ensuring that the brand promise of “Learning, Fun, and Community” is consistently met (primarily for the anticipated Millennial/Gen Z-heavy attendees), resulting in greater word of mouth and stronger repeat attendance.

The Producer will have a substantial level of autonomy with design, constrained only by the needs to (i) integrate a segment of national-level programming as a learning element – a pre-recorded video, livestream, or in person presentation; and (ii) to include a learning-reinforcement element (e.g., trivia or gameshow format), which should be engaging and fun.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Design the overall product template, to ensure repeatable success of the events. This includes all logistics (e.g., space configuration, ticketing, check-in, catering, bar, etc.) as well as programming and overall flow.
  • Design and produce the learning-reinforcement element, refreshed bi-monthly. This could involve finding and contracting with local businesses to create props as well as getting consumable supplies.
  • Design and produce other programming elements, refreshed bi-monthly. This will involve finding and contracting with local talent of various kinds (e.g., music, art, cuisine, authors, etc.), according to local tastes and availability.
  • Act as principal host(ess) for the events, initially twice a month on M-W early evenings, but growing to as many as twelve instances per month, according to demand.
  • Train and manage (part-time) event support staff.
  • Work effectively with volunteer organizations and volunteers that will provide some of the event support staffing.
  • Work effectively with the General Manager of the venue in which events will be held: space configuration planning and food & beverage delivery. (Venue will be owned by an affiliated entity.)


We’re looking for someone with some level of demonstrated success in producing events, in any setting – could be corporate (e.g., team-building), personal (e.g., birthdays, weddings), or commercial (e.g., festivals). A strong sense of the target demographic, a high degree of creativity, comfort speaking in front of a (small) crowd, a willingness to act-upon attendee feedback, and organization/attention to detail are all critical attributes for the role.

  • Ability to communicate effectively in writing, to create proper plans and to represent oneself professionally in all written communications with third-parties.
  • Strong verbal communication skills, including ability & comfort in speaking in front of attendees as well as for working effectively within organization and with third-parties
  • Has a broad intellectual curiosity about current events, technology, and other areas of modern day culture.
  • Very strong ‘micro project’ management skills, to ensure that events ‘go off without a hitch,’ every time.
  • Service oriented. This is a ‘hospitality’ job as well as a design & planning job; a lot of smiling is involved.
  • Ability to effectively and empathetically supervise a small number of support staff at each event. Volunteers, especially, are tricky: need to balance effective management with wanting them to return.
  • Eligibility and ability to get a TABC Server Certification.
  • Strong sense of personal ownership of successful execution.
  • Availability Monday - Wednesday evenings.
  • Given the intention to encourage open discussions among attendees, should you have any sympathies to limitations of free speech, this job isn’t for you.

About Cultural Arts

Cultural Arts is a new, non-profit organization, founded to help to create a strong civil society for the third millennium. CA’s principal activity is the production and hosting of structured “neighborhood meetups” with programming that offers attendees the opportunity to learn, have fun, and, as byproduct, build connections that help make a community. CA also produces and distributes post-event content that help to ensure teachings “stick” and will periodically organize other on-strategy social programming (e.g., museum nights) with scale and maturity.

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