Experienced creative/analytic combo pro looking for remote/hybrid work at conservative org

I am a sports information director at Chadron State College, meaning I work with the public side of information for a small NCAA Division II athletic department. This is a profession which has no true analog outside of athletics, and, to some extent, I am self-trained. However, despite my experience, I probably lack some credentialing that might make changing fields difficult.

I have enjoyed my current role, for the most part, however while I’ve been developing my current career, my family of five has missed out on my presence, given that I spend 50-60 hours a week at work, at times, including nights and weekends.

Our three kids are entering their teens and tweens now, and I find it difficult to continue to miss out on their best years at home for much longer. At the same time, we are very rural residents, having inherited five acres in among a ranching community where we live and homeschool, on one income. I’m now spending 20-25% of my income just to get to work, with a 25-mile one-way commute.

On top of it all, academic environments are increasingly tedious following Covid-19, and they’re as hostile as ever toward conservative viewpoints. So, I’m looking for a position that can make use of some combination of my creative and analytic skillsets, in a conservative organization. My sports background could be put to use as well.

Right out of college, I was a business analyst for the nation’s largest magazine wholesaler, which no longer exists. I grew into a role as a supplier liaison to Wal-Mart. Following that career, I worked in financial services and customer service for a manufactured housing lender. I eventually went back to school to pursue my current path.

I’m open to developing new skills through further education, but it would need to be education that doesn’t come with a huge expense, and that can be done while earning a full-time income.

I am available following two weeks’ notice to current employer; not willing to permanently relocate, but hybrid arrangements may work.

Specific skills: Writing (AP style), content management systems, social media, event management, sports knowledge, Excel, Access, Word, Adobe Creative Suite, financial literacy, customer service, basic HTML.