Field Manual for building a local culture of consequence

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Is this something you have written down? If not, what is a way I can get the information? These are things I have been thinking about a lot but don’t know which way to go. I think there are many others who will soon be interested, too.

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He is printing the manual lean. First copies hopefully going out in the next week and then he is going to open up the portal for sales again with more of a print on demand model. He hubs sales out of and posts updates on telegram.

New round of books are available now!

I hope the ideas bless those who are looking for ways to develop local cultures of consequence.

I love reading these little how-to fantasies of the far right. Whenever I feel down about the direction of our country, I read things like this and realize there’s nothing to worry about; right wing extremists in America are def the junior varsity team. Lots of neckbeards and incels with a lot of keyboard rage but almost zero capacity to do anything.

Keep up the good work my guy. We need people like you to laugh at.

Wow! This must be a good book if someone with those opinions of Americans will come specifically to this website to hate on it.

Freedom lovers should definitely check it out!