Full-Time Video Producer & Editor

Full-Time Video Producer & Editor

We’re looking for an experienced full-time video editor who can join our creative agency to create and edit short-form videos (think promos, teasers, and commercials).

In this role, you will: Produce and edit innovative video content that is powerful, fun to watch, and attention-grabbing. You will work with our team to execute creative scripts using video from a variety of sources. You should be able to research and source visual assets from existing news footage, YouTube clips, stock footage, and more. You should be skilled in multiple aspects of video creation, including editing (e.g., Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro), thumbnail strategy, SEO, and Analytics.


  • 3+ years experience as an in-house or freelance editor/producer.
  • Skilled in one of the major video editing suites.
  • Able to create basic motion graphics (text on screen, lower third, etc).
  • Can add sound effects, voice-over, music, and do basic color correction.
  • Fast, smart, fun, friendly, and easy to work with.

To apply, please fill out all relevant information in your profile and send me a direct message indicating interest.

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