Gradual access network

I just had a thought as I am enjoying the videos of the truckers’ protests in Canada. Someone created a website where they are taking pictures of truckers and businesses supporting them to doxx them. Then I come on here and I see people reasonably asking for directories of right-aligned businesses. I thought it was curious that both sides are ultimately creating the same tool (regardless of the intentions).

What if we created a gradual access network that is built on reputation and camaraderie. The more positive interactions a person has, or the more connections, the more access they have to the network. In the beginning, they can only interact with a few threads. The internet was build on the unlimited access to information, and ideally it is kept this way, but the darling years of the internet didn’t include access to everyone’s personal information. As much as I understand the perspective that people should have the confidence and strength to withstand being doxxed or “cancelled”, I think that an internet mob coming for your head (or your job) is extremely unnatural and it is reasonable for it to incite fear.

So far, this network is pleasant because it is free of nefarious actors. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem too hard to destroy this atmosphere (unless there is some preventative measures in place that prevent this that I am unaware of). The goal of a gradual access network would be to reduce the surface area of contact for unknowns, and maximize it for people with good contributions like in real life. This would be different from traditional reputation systems since it would limit the ability to view the content, and not just interact with it (like Reddit).

Let me know if you have any thoughts on the subject,


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If you look at the job openings for New Founding, I suspect something along these lines is in the works.