Greetings From A Newcomer

Hello all, I just signed up here and am hoping to find some inspiration and perhaps a few “fellow travelers” here.
I just got slammed with another 30-day stint in “FB Jail” for a reply to a comment I made that was no more “offensive” than the comment itself. I’m fed up with the way they let trolls post anything they want on conservative pages, but when one of us replies we risk getting kicked off. I’m hoping to be able to share my thoughts here with more or less like-minded people without being hassled by “woke” trills.
Me, I’m a 63 year old guy from Massachusetts who no longer drinks the kool-aid they serve here. I would love to bail out, but being a New Englander is so deeply ingrained in my blood that I’ll find it hard to leave. I still gold out hope that we can turn things around in this part of the country. It truly has much to recommend it.
I was linked here by an article from tThe American Mind titled “Politics Is Interested In You”, and it was the second time I’d read it. Only this time, what with the Masters Of The Universe having revoked my posting “privileges”, I decided to check out this site and sign up. So I’ll be popping up here and there when I scope out the lay of the land.
My sincere thanks to the creators of this site.


Glad you are here Rick!

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I’ve a Yankee friend, born and raised in MA. She left and moved to Florida for the same reasons you mention. She’s quite happy there.

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Welcome Rick. I’m a 68 year old Midwesterner living Cincinnati Ohio originally from Painesville Ohio. I was just recently downgraded for 90 days by FarceBook again for posting scientific truth about Masks and there actually use in a hospital. They have algorithms that take the place of a people to move forward their own agenda. They couldn’t hire enough people to keep up with the traffic so I said my goodbyes and deleted that fascist company for good. So welcome fellow traveler, one that has not partaken in the Koolaid but has taken the red pill of enlightenment and free thought not to mention common sense.


I was deplatformed my our overlords on Twitter once and am on my second iteration.
The PTB find our words too powerful to be maintained for a reason.We can decode language and see large patterns.This means we know what is going on.
The schooling of children so they receive no viable means of thinking for themselves has been successful.They have created children that have no means to think well and not write coherently.
We who can and can explain what is going on are a threat,


I would urge you to"repatriate"leave your state for a better one.
Decisions are happening fast and you will have more options if you go where you find people of like kind.

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I wish we could all just leave fb! We are so ingrained with it, dislike it but continue to use it! I wish we could find one free speech platform that we could do a mass exodus from the arrogant company!


Likewise, I have been deplatformed by the overlords of Twitter twice and had my original account on Fakebook deleted with all associated business pages. The only reason I created an alias page is for business connections. Some groups just will not consider another platform regardless of how many times they are threatened. The programming is deep. I wonder what it’s going to take to wake them up?


I’m from MA as well. My husband and I are currently looking to move to either NC or SC depending on where he can find a job. We would prefer SC since it is more conservative. Like you, we just can’t take the political climate in MA anymore and with vax passports in Boston now we are done. We have two young children (4 and 2), and we want a better life for them. I’m prepared to leave my entire family here for the sake of my children.