Greetings from Newtown!

My name is Philippe Gosselin and I am a Canadian-based filmmaker and content producer, and I would like to take this opportunity to tell you more about Newtown.

Newtown is a cultural certification that is essentially a top-down solution to woke culture. It bridges the gap between free-thinking creators with heterodox consumers, who in turn, can support like-minded artists while defunding woke capital in the process. Newtown comes at no cost for the consumers.

In practical terms. Imagine that you enter a bookstore to buy a young adult novel as a gift for your niece’s upcoming birthday. Once in the YA section, you browse several books and then you come across one that has the Newtown logo on it. What does that mean?

It means that the author, and their intent, are heterodox. This book was written with the sole purpose of entertaining its audience while teaching some universal lessons and fundamental principles as YA novels do. That’s all at no cost to you, the only requirement on your part is the understanding of Newtown and what the logo stands for.

Additionally, the purchase of this book means that a large portion of its profit will land in the pocket of a heterodox publisher or investor(s), allowing you to organically defund woke capital while easing your decision process.

To push it further. Imagine that once you leave the store you walk down the street and come across a storefront theatre with a poster in their window promoting their upcoming play, and the poster has the Newtown logo on it. Since you are acquainted with Newtown and what it means on a piece of mainstream culture, you can also recognize it in culture that is local. This theatre company believes in the same fundamental principles as you do and decided to get the budding-level certification from us so that you know they are. You now have more cultural options on the local level too.

Since Newtown does not require laws or regulations there is nothing woke can do about it save for endless smear campaigns which they will undoubtedly do, increasing the visibility of Newtown in the process.

Newtown is much more than that, it is a shelter for canceled artists, it rejuvenates art patronage, it is a community where heterodox creators can meet, network, connect, and more. If you want to learn further, I invite you to visit our website where you can find more information as well as an extensive FAQ should your curiosity be strongly piqued.

That being said feel free to ask questions here and I will gladly answer them or reach out to me for further discussion.

Lastly, I’ve written a couple of articles on the topic of woke capital in culture, how woke has now invaded the totality of our cultural industries, and the size of the funding at their disposal. I invite you to read them here:

I appreciate your time and look forward to helping the community grow.