I need to get retrainedto be marketable- and other challenges

I got an email from new founding… saying that they had not heard from me recently , so I am contacting you here.
Basically my story is I need to get retrained out of my old profession -which I was never able to do.
I am currently 68 years old- without a vehicle in Southern California.
The whole idea of working from home sounds mysteriously exotic and fascinating- but it seems to me to be fluff and Pie in the Sky. They are all insurance jobs, basically, as far as I can tell-and insurance jobs are all basically con artist games. Especially at this stage in the game after two years of communist tyranny I really could not stand myself if I thought that I were going to be manipulating someone to buy insurance they don’t need which really doesn’t do anything anyways .
I Don’t mean to be negative here… it’s just the truth.
So because I am trying to figure out how medical tyranny will be resolved - for me…anyway-,which is keeping me from getting minor but crucial surgery… which makes it really basically impossible to work , - not to mention that I need a hearing aid for my right ear …and actually other infirmities dealt with- that are not involved in the current hysteria …they are just typical of wear-and-tear of life and getting older.
I would really like to get out of California into a sane environment -,where I could actually concentrate on some type of income or a project or something or any volunteering or anything.
There’s actually another Patriot website call Red Balloon-,that is basically trying to provide the same -no vax ,no mask opportunities ,and there are a lot of employers it seems like- but I have the same problem there…so it is good that these type of opportunities are starting to manifest or blossom… But there doesn’t seem to be much I can do about it

What are your skills and experience?