Is There an Align Directory?

Hello! I’m new to New Founding but SO thankful for the mission of this organization of freedom fighters.

Does anyone know if there’s a “directory” or extensive listing of businesses Align has highlighted? I would love to access any of the old newsletters or see the collective freedom-friendly or woke corporations that have been reported on.


Thanks, I’m glad to hear it! If you like ALIGN, check out the new podcast:

As for the directory, stay tuned. I think you’ll be pleased. :slight_smile:


Wonderful! Thanks so much!

That’s great news! I was wondering why New Founding still uses the following products (saw the below listed on a job description for a position you all are hiring for):

  • Google Workspace: (Google Calendar, Gmail, Docs)
  • Dropbox (Cloud Storage)

I received an ALIGN newsletter offering better alternatives to Dropbox as well as email. Just curious. Zoho is what I use for the Workspace (Calendar, Email, Docs, Video). I also use Protonmail which is very secure, encrypted and not “woke”. Protonmail also has Cloud storage available. They provide personal and business email/cloud plans.

I know that moving completely over to products/services that are aligned with our values is a slow moving ship.