Is there any alternatives to the racist dropbox?

Hey I am looking for an alternative to dropbox. A cloud like service for saving your files. I love dropbox but since dropbox decided to go woke I would like to find an alternative.

Here’s a list of some cloud storage alternatives: Private and encrypted cloud storage providers


Longtime user. No complaints (except their lack of a Linux client).

Proton has ProtonDrive as part of their suite, but it is still in Beta.

Glad you posted this. I am in the beta with ProtonDrive. The Dropbox Truth and Reconciliation video on their job page is beyond the pale. Glad you are looking for an alternative to that racist company.


Nextcloud is exactly what you are looking for.

Rather than being a business, Nextcloud is software. It gets installed on any server and offers the typical cloud features of Google Apps, Dropbox, etc.

Essentially it offers a layer of abstraction from service provider and software.

You can take this basically as far as you want to, either using one of the available freemium providers, installing it yourself on a VPS you rent, or self hosting, all depending on your level of personal investment.

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I have used ProtonDrive and also sync, no complaints with either.

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Got a few options

Self-Hosted Where You Peer To Only Your Own Devices

Encrypted On Your Device Before You Upload

Encrypted Backup Software