iVoter Guide: Stunningly effective at helping to elect conservatives

I’ve recently discovered a national candidate research firm, IVoter Guide (https://ivoterguide.com). Their mission is to independently research and report on candidates in over 3,500 races across the country. They are faith-based, but non-partisan and do not endorse candidates. Instead, they research past behaviors of candidates, previous endorsements, their donation base records, and candidate questionnaire responses.
They then provide you with a personalized ballot based on your zip code, letting you compare candidates and determine which ones most closely match your values. Their fact-based research goes way beyond campaign literature and commercials to give voters what they need to make informed, data-driven decisions.
Does it work? In 2020, over 2 million people used their guides, and in numerous races changed the game in favor of conservative candidates.
I’m not affiliated in any way with them, but I attended a meeting where they presented their work and announced their recent acquisition by the American Family Association. Check out their site, and help spread the word for the next cycle!