Kansas shall yet be free!

Welcome to the opening of the Kansas board all you freedom fighters and jayhawkers (the actual jayhawkers not the effeminate bastards
from Chicago that have destroyed Lawrence). I’m so glad you are here. We are going to have so much fun hanging out with toto, eating cinnamon rolls with chilli, thinking that a sunset over a flat plain is the most beautiful sight on earth, and talking about how much we hate Missouri. If you’re a native Kansan in a far off strange place just remember to click your heals and say, there’s no place like home. Or visit our thread. We will be here holding the fort as the crazy conservatives in the center.

Just for clarification I think Missouri is a great state, and I went to ku. If you are from Ks you’ll understand that it’s not hate just some good old fashioned light hearted rivalry that began 100 years ago in bloodiest war our country has known but that’s all water under the bridge now. What we must never forget and can never forgive, however, is Missouri’s move to the SEC. As far as Chicago goes if you aren’t a woke degenerate we will welcome you any day in the great state of Kansas.