Kentucky coalition is forming

Hello. Looking for other folks in KY. Did you know we do not have an executive order to mask in private businesses right now due to the lawsuit brought to the governor by a coffee bar? We have a lot of exciting things happening as a coalition across the state. Sanctuary counties are forming. Be a part of this! Not an angsty observer any longer, you can actively change the situation through starting or supporting independent food, medicine, education.


Yippee! That strategy is great. I am out on the east coast and our areas are forming private organizations to take on the local establishment. But if you can get the counties to dig in against this absurd mandate, the state will be stuck. California did something similar at the county level and later the state level regarding illegal aliens and drugs. Let us take their strategy and see how the controlled-obsessed like it. :smiley:

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So are you using CLTS? they advocate “private business organizations” vs Private Memberhsip Associations.

There is the matter of - to put property in trust or not…

Are you working with any other organizations to help you establish these private entities?

We need to share info as we get it!!


Yes!! Less angst…more action!! (Not that I’m doing anything that exciting myself…but I’m working on it and encouraged to see others taking action)