Learn all you can about Critical Pedagogy

Hello! This is my first post in this community. I am the host of a YouTube channel called The Reason We Learn, and I cover all things related to education in America right now, with the specific goal of encouraging homeschooling’s and the defense of parental rights.

Based on my research and interviews, it is clear to me the key to understanding the threat is to learn all you can about critical theory, and the critical pedagogy designed to deliver critical theories to our kids.

If you are not sure what SEL, TSEL, CRE, CRT, CP, DEI, EJE, Equity Math, Ethnic Studies, Comprehensive Sex Education, ESSA, ARPA, or Community Schooling are, I encourage you to watch my channel. These are the topics you need to fully understand so you can stay ahead of the Left’s word-salad and shifting goal-posts. Ideally, you will homeschool your kids, but if you can’t, or aren’t ready to yet, please learn as much as you can about these topics!

I also have a Locals community where I host a weekly Zoom call where parents can ask questions, get advice about homeschooling, etc…, and I have two private live shows per week, one about homeschooling, one about education in general.

The channel is at https://www.youtube.com/c/TheReasonWeLearn
The Locals is TheReasonWeLearn.Locals.com


Thank you Deb! You have a terrific channel and platform.

To everyone else reading, I’m familiar with Deb’s work and she does a terrific job explaining these ever-changing-nice-sounding Trojan horses destroying the minds of our K-12 children. She also has really knowledgeable guests on her show. Definitely give her channel a follow and also follow her on Twitter (@insomnochick).

Hi Alvin! Glad to see you here! Thank you for the compliments, and the referral!