Logical Increments for building your own PC

I have not checked to see about the values of this or the linked companies, however, this is a tool that helps you to build your own computer by selecting parts based on your total price points. The goal is to help you avoid sinking more of your computer budget in upgraded parts which will have less of an impact than spending the same money elsewhere.

My goal in sharing this here is that the computer industry is generally affiliated with silicon valley values, so building a computer instantly cuts out at least one middle man between you and your computer, plus it is a good learning experience and you get a better value computer for the money.

And then if you mine ethereum with it you can slowly earn back the initial cost and be part of the crypto movement!

I’m currently typing this from a sweet $1,000 rig that I wouldn’t have bought except for the excuse to use it as a miner. It has now completely paid itself off plus some.

That being said, with Eth. 2.0 coming the future of GPU mining is a little uncertain at the moment, so would be wise to look into it before sinking any significant money.

I have mined XMR but not ETH. What is your preferred mining software for ETH on Linux?

I’ve just been using NBMiner mining to the Ethermine pool. Seems to work OK but I couldn’t say for sure that it’s the best. Runs on Linux and Windoze. Easy enough to make it start automatically in Linux and just never really have to worry about it.