Looking for a Conservative, Pro-America & dependable email service?

I want to dump my Yahoo email because of their woke, Leftist leanings. I suppose we can include Gmail in that group also. Does anyone have a suggestion for a pro-America, Conservative email service that is dependable and trustworthy?


Dan Bongino has an new email platform it’s startmail.com. He has also left youtube, contrary to liberal news which is saying they banned him, lol, he moved his show to Rumble.


Protonmail works for me. See https://inteltechniques.com/ and his books about privacy. See videos by Rob Braxman at Rob Braxman Tech


I think Protonmail is the best, will definitely protect your privacy unless the law intervenes. They also are building a suite of services - I have just transitioned off of Google Calendar to the new Proton calendar in the last week. I also use their VPN.

Not necessarily Pro-(or Anti) America, as this is based in Switzerland, and follows Swiss privacy laws. Not necessarily conservative, I would consider them mildly Pro-Freedom though, and definitely Pro-Privacy. The only grievance I have with Protonmail is that you cannot effectively cut attachments off your emails. If you are accessing your Protonmail in Thunderbird or Outlook, as opposed to the phone or Web-browser, it seems like you can snip off the attachments, but then you inadvertently delete the whole email in Proton. I like to save my attachments, when wanted, on a folder somewhere on my computer and then snip them off my emails that I am saving, for space saving purposes.
In a way, I consider Proton the Gab of email/calendar. A whole lot of alternatives out there as people flee woke big tech, but usually one stands out from all the others.


Also, I want to affirm what countermoon is saying: Bob Braxman is absolutely the man in terms of learning how to deal with woke-tech surveillance. Watch him on Odyssee, not You-tube. A lot of good Preppers on Odyssee also.
Remember when dealing with big tech that the focus is more on outsmarting AI than it is humans. I have been doing little things to salt my data and curate my profile for years, but it will take some real discipline to get it right - I am just barely starting. But a good Braxman primer to get started is here: Privacy Primer: Partitioning Email, Phone Numbers, Devices


Sorry to be a pest with too many replies, but check this out about why Gab is so resilient: Brighteon

Also, a quit tip by ‘Common-Sense Cowgirl’: Brighteon

I have proton but watched a video about how if people with gmail are corresponding your email can still be hacked through their mail. Anyone with experience on ths matter?

Protonmail is very private and secure. They are based in Switzerland. Check them out.
I also love Fastmail.com. Privacy is a big seller there too.
Both run me about $30.00 a year. I’ve never had any issues and literally almost zero spam on both.

I second Protonmail. I started w/the free account for a couple years. Upgraded around Black Friday a year ago when they had a special and never looked back. It’s Swiss & encrypted so US intelligence agencies have to break each email when it’s sent to another Protonmail user. They also don’t sell my information.

Proton is undeniably superior in respects to privacy and security than Yahoo. However, they often promise more than they can provide. A prime example early last year is how the French authorities pressured the Swiss to make Proton fork over the details of a climate activist: ProtonMail Gives Up Logs on User, Then Scrubs Website of No IP Logging Claims. Even if the company is based in a privacy-respecting country, our ‘global citizens’ can simply work through the local authorities. That’s to say nothing of the cordial relations between most international law enforcement (which means far more requests/abuse happen without much issue). Other services like Tutanota and Startmail (like C Brooks mentioned) are still great emails, but they’re companies subject to elite pressure.

My advice is using lesser-known/smaller services like Ctemplar. Especially as privacy-respecting mail becomes more popular, agencies will increasingly be focused on them as opposed to all of these smaller companies. And deferring to the article I linked earlier, vpn’s always help.

I use Proton Mail. There is a free subscription, but I pay for the next level up just for my personal use.

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I’ll add my vote for Protonmail. I would be leery about recommending any email service that bills itself as the “conservative choice” as most of these things have a shelf life and your email needs to be absolutely dependable.

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Startmail is an offering by the good people at www.startpage.com. IMO we all would benefit greatly by the use of their private search engine and private encrypted email as well as Signal in place of whatsapp. Apple devices are unfortunately not privacy friendly at all. Same for google devices.

Rob Braxman is definitely on his game.

ProtonMail is the way to go for security due to the laws in Switzerland.

PrivacyTools (https://www.privacytools.io/) maintains a great list of all the tools you could use, and RestorePrivacy (https://restoreprivacy.com/) maintains lists with reviews.

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I’ve been using Protonmail since '16 and have never turned back. Not sure how secure it is, furthermore I wouldn’t be surprised if it was compromised, but it’s far better than the mainstream options.

Also, they just launched ProtonCalendar!


I use Protonmail and love it!

There was a service named…smart mail- I think…about a dozen years ago. They were in start up mode then. I switched to protonmail from Gmail for the same reason-, about last nov/ dec-,but now I heard from a Grassroots activist family/website named Freedom people. Org, that proton was started by the CIA- so that doesn’t surprise me- a lot of subterfuge these days.
Im looking for an email as well.

Does anyone know if smartphones that are better with privacy than Apple and android phones? Thanks