Looking for an Appraiser who would be willing to have me as a trainee (Salt Lake City Area)

Hello everyone,

I’m a newcomer to Utah. I moved here in August to escape the Washington DC insanity and let my kid have a “normal” HS experience. Unfortunately, because of the woke grip on everything Higher Education/Science/High Tech, I cannot find a job in anything that would be remotely familiar (I have a Ph.D. in Physics from Columbia University and a Master in Information Systems from UMBC).

After trying for three months without luck, I returned to school and passed the exam to become an appraiser trainee. I am looking for an appraiser that would be willing to take me as a trainee.

I have strong analytic skills. I am good at connecting with people. I speak French fluently (mother tongue), and I understand and read Spanish. I have held technical jobs geared toward helping the scientific community in their research, so I know what it means to work on a profession’s “service” side and meet deadlines.

If you know anyone who could connect me to an appraiser in the Salt Lake City area, please contact me via this board.

Many thanks!

My father’s an appraiser, unfortunately nowhere near Salt Lake, though. But, he’s in a Facebook group of other appraisers, and I would be happy to see if he’ll ask for you in there.

That would be great!
I am not on Facebook but you can pass on my email address: [email protected]

Many thanks again!