Looking for Modern Home Furniture

We just had some of our Ikea furniture break and want to buy something higher quality. Any recommendations? We are looking for mid-century modern or contemporary solid wood construction.

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Look at the Flexsteel line of furniture. Very strong and well built.

My favorite is Stickley. Its very expensive but my sister has a rocking chair from my grandmother. As my children are older now and make visits they always ask me where they can get their dad’s favorite chair, this one is easiest to keep dust free Highlands Recliner – Stickley Furniture

We just ordered a set of dining room chairs from an Amish furniture outlet. Solid oak, made to order. They had several styles available. Spender than Ikea, but these will last for generations.

Everything Amish is the store we worked with. (https://everythingamishnd.com/) There’s likely something similar in your area.