Maine - No longer on the slippery slope. . . we've gone over the edge!

Now that Gov. Mills has enacted draconian rules regarding vaccination, beyond even those of Pres. Biden, we wait for news demanding the vaccination of our children. We now look to the long term and the likely need to relocate to a freedom friendly area of the country. Maine is in the top three nationally for COVID restrictions and regulations and it feels like the fight is over. We will probably be more effective lending our voice and vote to a state or region where there is still a fight to be had! Successful careers, family ties, kid’s friendships, church leadership; all in jeopardy. Convince me to stay? Or convince me to come join you in another part of the country!


My concern is what will these restrictive states look like in a year from now? Two years, five years? Will you need a passport to get into these states? We lived in NY for many years and recently moved south. My husband is originally from Down-east Maine. As we look towards retirement in the next decade, we are very concerned about what that is going to look like and where we should live? It appears at times that we will never get out of this nightmare! I would prefer to be in a state that is conservative and that models most of our values than in a liberal state that is so woke I cannot relate to my neighbors or values they represent. If you live in a red state, then there is still the possibility of resistance and hope. Living in NY was so depressing!!! Get out while you can!


Some people will frame it as defeatism but I abandoning a sinking ship is best for the purpose of marshalling resources.

Simply put, if like-minded people move to the same place then they can assert their values aggressively. They can make the state reflect their political and cultural values.

Consider… even in right-wing states like Texas, the major cities are still controlled by the left. There are no models for what “right wing” urban living looks like. The result of this is that even right-wing states aren’t really that “right wing.” The lifestyle isn’t that radically different from left-wing states.

If people flee states like California, NY, and even Maine, in favor of states like Florida, West Virginia, and so on, it gives you the chance to live a better life but also a chance to establish a model for the kind of state we want.

Thus… flee. Build the kind of community you want to be part of and withdraw your resources and talents from the places that are hostile. Let the ship sink faster. Then we can recover it in the future.

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Instead, I would try to convince you to make a difference where you are. Join activist groups like Citizens for Free Speech (CFFS) or Act for America and network with others in your state who are disillusioned with current politics. I think of it this way: instead of illegals flooding our borders, they should be fighting to make positive changes where they are. Otherwise, they topple the good system and everyone ends up in the sewer. Instead of running, be courageous to stand up and be strong. Think Rosa Parks. You can make a positive difference.


Thanks for the encouragement! So long as the State is only attacking me I am probably good to stay and fight. If they come any harder after my children (we already have a stringent vaccine policy for kids to participate in any public school activities. . .does not yet include COVID or flu shots, or HPV, but pretty much everything else).

I am only faced with losing my health care administration career in a couple weeks and looking for new ways to support my family. . .

I would like to think that if I left Maine to another more red-aligned state that it wouldn’t topple that system and lead it to the sewer! If anything it would further strengthen that foundation. I hope to that by raising my kids around more likeminded individuals it will help raise up the next generation of Christian men (I happen to have only boys) and protect them from some of the rhetoric that is taking over here.


I’ve read through the responses so far, all good. To stay or leave would depend on several factors and you have mentioned some good ones. I have 6 kids although most are older now, but the decision to move from NC has occurred to me because I feel its days are numbered. The big city phenomenon cannot be avoided as it goes back as far as The Tower of Babylon and Sodom, etc. Evil grows in crowded places where the sun doesn’t shine.

I’m a Wayne Gretsky kind of thinker : I like to go to where the puck is going to be soon, not where things are now. Some of those states have been mentioned but its hard to say where they will end up in the next fake election.

Maybe it makes more sense to focus on the locale than the state? Or at least look at both? Are there outposts in Maine? If you go to WV, there are many remote places that probably won’t be touched much for years - long enough for the kids to get a good start.

One more thing: Raising your kids in the “light” of truth does NOT guarantee they will recognize it. We are experiencing that with our 6 kids now - some get it and some don’t. All “know” Jesus, but I have no way to know which ones have him in their hearts. Impossible, even if you see some fruit. My point is the kids are a consideration - but your wife is first and foremost. You can help the kids from wherever, so don’t over consider them.

I live in an “island community” so I’m isolated from a lot of the nonsense but not all. We will lose the battle for the nation at some point I believe, so its about the individual souls at this point.

Hang in there - and take advantage of the opportunities. There are many.


Today is the day! Anyone in healthcare in Maine who has not received their dose of J&J or final dose of Pfizer/Moderna is now inside the window to be taken off the schedule and face termination. The lawsuit brought against Gov Mills and others has gone through several levels of the courts and appears to be headed to the Supreme Court. So many people have either already quit or have caved on getting the Vax due to financial pressures and an inability to wait.

I have been holding the line waiting for a resolution to the lawsuit, praying for reinstatement of religious exemption. Today serial testing begins. In two weeks loss of income begins. There are still hundreds of people like me in Maine who have tried to hold on. Many are committed to walking off the job permanently in two weeks, which is going to leave us with a staffing crisis of dangerous proportions.


God bless you and your family, Luke. It’s a mess, and hard to give advice from across the country, working for a company that is fully anti-woke. I want to say let the company fall. They deserve it.

Take courage and do what you have to do for your family. Don’t know if you saw today’s NF newsletter (email), but it lists several based employment sites:

"New Founding isn’t the only organization looking to hire. The truth is, you don’t have to work for a company that rejects your values. We already featured[ Red Balloon] and the 50,000-member [“No Vax Mandate Job Board” on Gab] as worthwhile tools to help you find a job that doesn’t require you to submit to the radical leftwing orthodoxy. And more job boards and job search platforms are popping up by the week.

"For example, there’s the [No Vax Mandate Job Board] with a wide array of jobs across sectors. The [Freedom Job Network] likewise has hundreds of jobs with employers that are resisting the vaccine mandate. Or there’s [Jobs Not Jabs] that could help you find the perfect fit at a company that won’t treat you like trash.

“Start your search now. You don’t have to work for somebody that hates you.”


Thanks for the encouragement! I did see that post and immediately reviewed some of those sites. I have been looking for new employment for several weeks now which has forced me to rethink “what I will do when I grow up.” I am currently going to be forced to miss a week of work unpaid (great opportunity to take my son to look at colleges!). I have had several interviews with employers. I have considered self employment options that are exciting to contemplate. Since I believe my life is not in my own hands it gives me confidence in all the unknown.

Although I do feel like my company hates me, I am blessed that I have the support of my boss and team. It is a unique opportunity to share with the world how important the gospel is and the impact it has on my life.

I will continue to update the board as this journey continues.

Happy for an leads! Job offers! Temporary remote work! Prayers!

Hoping the SCOTUS decides in favor of religious exemptions and I am able to continue the work I do. Fully expecting it to go a different direction at this point.


How did it turn out? Did you get fired?

It sounds like you are getting ready to abandon Maine. Good for you. I grew up in California and I could not take living under those communists for another year. I bailed out. Unfortunately the threat of urban areas going leftist and imposing their will in red states is a real phenomena. Find a county or locale that has enough non-leftists to resist that situation and maybe we can outlast them like so many other “organizations in Asia” resisted the US until Houseplant abandoned everyone.

I also want to say what you are experiencing in your field is wrong. It is so bad, even the security industries are having massive walk-offs (podcast about a national security organization that is about to lose almost half its staff: I would suggest getting the names of any co-workers you can and see if they want to join you where ever you land. If we can deplete the communist areas of workers, it sure gets hard to maintain their quality of life. Let us give them no service and see how long they enjoy the misery. I suspect even with the hoards of illegal aliens be shuttled in and throw in an “emergency” allowance of foreign professional/skilled staff, there are not enough skilled workers willing to relocate to the US.

Lastly, the communists are obsessed about children. At the very least, they want to teach the kids that mom and dad are always wrong and that the kids need to snitch on their parents. That is the minimum what communists do with kids. So you are correct to be concerned about the kids and their upbringing.


It is surprising that a place so rural as Maine would be that draconian.

I guess I would like to ask is whether it is possible to have a conservative city? Perhaps that is asking for too much but are there any cities in America that are not woke and crazy?

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I’m so sad to hear that Maine is in this condition. We are currently living in Virginia but I have always wanted to move to Maine. This definitely changes my mind, at least for the time being! We have five kids and Virginia has been bad enough with the constant threats about vaccines, masks, etc. I definitely don’t want to move somewhere else where I will have to deal with that.

Is Florida the only state with a governor with a backbone? :frowning: Although it is my home state I have always wanted to live somewhere colder but still near the coast…