Muscular Christianity

Not sure if others are interested in Muscular Christianity, but it’s a central theme in my new novel, and it’s integral to effective messaging in the Church, imo. I kind of hoping the book works as a gateway to get more Christians to be disciplined and non-passive and to inspire more admiration for masculine men among Christian women.

My friend made a cool video about the Christian subculture in MMA circles: Redirecting...


What does this have to do with MAGA? With politics? Is this a Bible web site? I didn’t think so. Maybe the owners of this site can clarify.

Muscular Christianity is a term that comes from Theodore Roosevelt. That was over a hundred years ago. You know that TR was a progressive, right? And that he helped get us into the mess we are in right now. Choose your role models wisely. Better yet…forget role models. Think for yourself.

Anyone familiar with Muscular Christianity knows it can’t be reduced to a “term used by Roosevelt,” but you don’t strike me as the kind of person who knows a lot about the subject. I’ve included a helpful resource below.

The danger of this growing effeminacy, men like TR thought, was that it “let those who stand for evil have all the virile qualities,” while “gentlemen who were very nice, very refined, who shook their heads over political corruption and discussed it in drawing rooms and parlors were wholly unable to grapple with real men in real life.”

Who would secure the country’s ideals in an age of “over-softness” and “over-sentimentality,” Roosevelt asked. “Unless we keep the barbarian virtues,” he warned, “gaining the civilized ones will be of little avail.”