New Founding Entry Program

This is an opportunity to jump all in to New Founding at an entry or near-entry level. We’re open to a range of backgrounds and skills—the most important thing is you are 100% committed to doing whatever you can to help advance our mission. You will almost certainly work on—simultaneously or in a series of rotations—a range of projects and parts of the organization within your first year.

Because of its intensity—expect to work 70+ hours/week, often with tight deadlines—this role will offer excellent training and the opportunity for rapid growth into significant responsibility within a few years.

Your work will be varied and include many generalist/assistant tasks, but immediate skills that could bring value include research, IT, information organization/management, design, basic web development, social media, video production/editing, and bookkeeping/accounting. The most important traits for all roles include drive, initiative, common sense, resourcefulness, and teamwork.

The role will be based in Dallas. Initial compensation will be $40-50k, with the opportunity for periodic increases over the first two years. Our goal with this program is to allow a cohort of highly motivated people to get in to New Founding, so that we can leverage and build around you as we grow.

Please fill out your profile on this site and email [email protected] with your resume and note particular skills and passions that could offer immediate value or that you hope to build on.