New member from Texas

Hi, All. Glad to have found this resource. I’m an experienced software engineer with entrepreneurial ambition. My wife and I operate a couple of side businesses in addition to homeschooling a large family. I’m always looking for connections and opportunities.



I am in a similar mode (except I do not have a large family for homeschooling). I also have ambition/motivation on IT and software mainly on Data Engineering and Modeling.

Glad to know friends around as this is first year I move to Texas.


Hey hey hey, fellow programmers!
Welcome @aggieben

Just moved to Fort Worth, TX as well (November), from Iowa.
Also a programmer and homeschool dad.

Glad to see like-minded folk getting in touch.


Texan Software dev here :wave:. Currently residing in PNW for work.

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Hi TX friends, as a reminder, New Founding is actively looking for DFW-based experienced front end developers, DevSecOps or SRE engineers, as well as product managers/product owners with media experience. Send me a note if you’re interested in talking more!