New Member in CA

I am an attorney in California and I joined as I would like to write or make a podcast. I also hobby as an artist and I have fancy law courses in art law I haven’t used but would like to. Overall, I can interested in many different things and am looking to do creative things whether that’s business or art.

I am open to all manner of ideas, projects, businesses, etc.

My goals are to do creative things such as writing a book, podcasts, art, and so on. I have fiction and non fiction ideas for a book and wouldn’t be opposed to co-writing a book or screenplay.

I also have long thought a lifestyle magazine or blog would be popular if it focused on more rugged life experiences or on things like luxury homesteading. There’s a bit of a box edgy adventure content isn’t really published, and most luxury lifestyle is very bland Dupont style stuff. Something in the middle for professionals and middle class might be a highly interesting idea.

I am happy to volunteer and help other’s businesses and projects a bit too.

I like hiking as well.

Please say hello, I’m friendly, and contrary to popular opinion lawyers don’t bite.

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Hi there! And welcome. I move from Nor Cal in early 2020 to Indiana. Great to have you on here and your background is pretty vast. Hope to cross paths.


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Hello Alvin Lui,

Thanks for the comment! How is Indiana? You have some cool projects going. I read your profile and checked your website.


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Thank you! Indiana is great and we’re very happy to be there and not in CA. It’s like going back in time 15-20 years, but in a good way.