Non Woke or Politically motivated Telephone company!

In business for 30 years, Diamond Voice provides cloud-based hosted telephone services. From your actual phone lines to the endpoints - desk phones or softphones - to managed PBX, we offer local, LD and 800 phone service in North Texas and around the nation.

We are based in Cedar Hill TX and believe in providing the best service possible while supporting the principles of freedom and free enterprise on which this great country was founded!

We compete with AT&T, Spectrum, Vonage, Ring Central and others.

We are a family-owned and operated business.

Call us and ask for Lucie or Joel! Mention you saw us on New Founding for a 10% discount.

888-293-1550 / 972-293-1550


Hi Joel,

Do you have a website you can share?

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Hi Joel, sounds amazing!
Do you mind if I ask one question?
As a family business, is there any concern regarding the infrastructure you use for your clients? For example, you likely run your services via a larger provider, is there any potentiality for a threat to non-woke businesses should that provider decide to act against those businesses?

I apologize if it’s a dumb question, I’m very curious if there are risks that we should be aware of.

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Hi Will, sorry for the late response! Thanks for asking!

Hi Art,

Good question! We host our own servers and while we do have cloud backups for failover, they are somewhat anonymous - through a 3rd party - so we are more resilient from that type of thing than a company using completely cloud hosted services. However, after the stunt AWS pulled with Parler, we are very cautious about too much reliance on one vendor.

We also have, since our beginning, owned our own servers and sever center. Several years ago, this began to seem somewhat out of date, given widespread adoption of hosted server solutions. Now, in light of current events, it seems maybe more prudent! Even though we use hosted servers as a back up, we own the primary base hardware.