Notes to take during Roe v Wade roll back

Just wanted to provide reminder to everyone to keep an eye out for and track companies that are now paying their employees to get abortions. They do not deserve your business.

Amazon, Citi, Yelp + more now promising to reimburse any abortion related expenses for their employees


Also add Levis to the list

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This is rather odd. While yes, it the accommodation isn’s only for abortion, but I’m curious of which tiers of employees get this “benefit” (i.e. is it upper management or the warehouse workers). Regardless, functions like this pose 2 issues that I can see immediately: 1) why pay people to support themselves / families when we can just more cheaply fund abortions 2) it literally is a self-interested for companies not have to employees on leave or risk calling out for family issues…It’s baffling how these social-justice flexes entice so many people be only serve the purpose of unethical capitalistic behaviors. Oh the irony.

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