Offer Businesses and Organizations an Alternative -- Celebrate Family Pride Month

Family Pride Month

What is it?

Family pride month is an annual celebration beginning on Mother’s Day (the second Sunday of May) and ending on Father’s Day (the third Sunday of June).

What is the goal of Family Pride Month?

Family pride month celebrates the nuclear family, the key building block of a free and prosperous society for all people. Family pride month celebrates the intrinsic value of each person and the unique role each of us plays. We begin on Mother’s Day to recognize women who nurture their children from conception and for the rest of their children’s lives. We end on Father’s Day to recognize men who support their wives and children to create a strong and loving family.

Who can celebrate Family Pride Month?

Everyone. Many of us are members of a nuclear family as mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons. We welcome people from all backgrounds to be allies to the nuclear family. They are our aunts, uncles, friends, and neighbors.

Why now?

According to the U.S. Census, only 17.8% of American households are nuclear families. In 1970 the rate was over 40%. Nuclear families are the key building block for a free and prosperous society that embraces universal truth, life’s beauty, and civic virtue.

How does the nuclear family help the disadvantaged?

Having a stable household with a mother and a father creates innumerable benefits for children and our communities. Empirical evidence has demonstrated that raising children in a nuclear family increases the likelihood of positive outcomes in their lives. Children from nuclear families are more likely to attain those things we all universally value – education, financial security, and meaningful human relationships. Children from nuclear families are less likely to face the difficulties that plague so many of our fellow Americans today – criminal involvement, abusive relationships, and lack of opportunity.

The nuclear family is America’s best anti-poverty program and greatest promoter of equality.

How can the nuclear family help bridge the racial divide our country faces?

Black American families have been an integral part of America’s success. From overcoming the horrors of slavery, to leading the civil rights movement fighting legally-sanctioned racism, to forming a more perfect Union today. Before 1960, black children and white children were nearly on par for growing up in two parent households. Since then, governmental policies and cultural shifts have emasculated black men in America with dire consequences for the black community and our nation. Today, ⅔ of black children grow up in single parent households. For black Americans to fully achieve equality in America, this disparity must end.

We must remember that America, of course, is not simply a story of black and white. Across all racial groups the nuclear family brings substantial benefits to our children and communities. Furthermore, while race is often perversely used to divide us, America has seen an amazing growth in interracial marriages. It was only in 1967 when laws against interracial marriage were declared unconstitutional. Today, over 4.6 million couples are in interracial marriages - a testament to the universality of the nuclear family.

The nuclear family is the best tool America has to bridge the racial divide we face today.

What is the symbol of Family Pride Month?

A red heart is the symbol of Family Pride Month. It represents the strength and love of the nuclear family that benefits us all.

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What can I do to support Family Pride Month?

There is no one way to celebrate Family Pride Month, and supporting the nuclear family is something all of us can do every day in our own unique ways. During Family Pride Month, we welcome every American to show their support through:

  • Helping families in your community – especially those in need – by donating your time, talents, and treasure to them.
  • Organizing Family Pride events in your community - this could be as simple as a cookout at a park in your community or as sophisticated as an organized Family Pride march.
  • Include the Family Pride heart and your status as a mother, father, daughter, son, and/or ally in your social media profiles.
  • Encourage your employer, local businesses, place of worship, and your community to hold Family Pride events and to display the Family Pride heart.