Ohio - The Buckeye State

I decided to start the Ohio thread. Here we should discuss Ohio politics, industry, commerce, events, and holding leaders to their word.

Ohio is no longer a swing state in the classic sense; the state is solidly red with supermajorites in house and senate while electing President Trump by wide margins in 2016 and 2020. However, this state has major issues. For example, the state GOP and it’s old-money industrial financiers (Rockefeller money out of Cleveland etc.) is stuck in its ways, preferring “moderate” RINO candidates such as Gov. Mike DeWine, John Kasich, Sen. Rob Portman, and now Jane Timken for Portmans Senate seat. This does not reflect the state’s citizens populist appetite in the Trumpian sense. Additionally, Columbus and GOP insiders are still reeling from the largest corruption scandal in Ohio history involving First Energy and former Speaker of the house Larry Householder and former GOP chair (and Kasich fanboy) Matt Borges. This cannot happen and we need a massive insurgency to drain the GOP ran swamp in Columbus.

Ohio has a little bit of everything, and is a sample of the country as a whole - with 3 large metro areas with world class companies and universities, rural farming communities, and forgotten manufacturing and mining towns destroyed by opioids and globalization. This state is great no doubt, but we need to get it right!


I am from Northeast Ohio, and I agree with almost all of this. I am not sure if the financing is just coming out of Cleveland area, although my neighbor has hosted fund raisers for Kasich and Jeb Bush… (I am sure there are many entities and people in Columbus who benefit by the current status quo, given proximity to the halls of government power of the state.) The establishment GOP and donor class has to broken in order for Ohio to have a future again. What is a very good sign is how much pressure and pushback the Ohio legislature has been able to put on DeWine and some of the legislature GOP establishment leadership. What has been going on in Ohio, in regards to how right the populace, state house reps., and state senate have become is an overlooked story - as it typically the case with anything going on in Ohio, ha.

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I’ve been in Ohio 10 years, 6 of those in Cleveland and 4 now in Columbus. My perception of the landscape has been from years stuck in hospitals in medical training, and I’m now employed by a large medical center. So generally, I’ve heard from some of our most deeply blue buckeyes, always embarrassed by the conservative drag on Ohio politics. As a transplant from out of state, I have few local connections and would love to know more citizens in my region.

Generally though, as you can imagine the perspectives given by the elites in the universities are horrifying. People generally conform to the standard lines coming from the academies in my perspective. I know there is a valuable resistance in the state with good representation in the state chambers, but seeing what is taken as common and responsible perspective in the schools, I can’t say I’m optimistic about the near future. I would say until a serious effort is made to build up conservative centers of education while de-funding the current public propaganda that we all fund, there is not much to be optimistic about.

Does anyone know of any serious public effort to de-fund the public universities? Most all of them would be just fine without public funding, and we could all think of better uses to those funds than promoting the woke agenda on the public dole.


yeah definitely not just out of cleveland. what i meant by that was the classic “Rockefellar Republican” donor and political class and Standard Oil HQ was in Cleveland for a while.

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so Grant I actually disagree, my experience in college is that a good portion of the students are actually right leaning/moderate or at least don’t care about politics. There still remain plenty of positives in higher education that are worth preserving. Whether that is in the engineering or business schools, R&D, fraternities or even athletic departments, the colleges still churn out productive and generally well-rounded individuals.

That’s not to say there aren’t serious problems but it mainly stems from the cost, administrators/leadership, and some outspoken communist professors and students. most involved just want to go about their business.

I will say though that i think the public university system is due for restructuring, as there are a few intuitions that really serve no purpose other than degree mill for students who really have no business going to college. These schools should close and or merge with the better top tier public Universities in the state to save costs

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I am tired of having to vote for a big gov rino or a flaming liberal . If Ohio can’t give me a decent choice I will sit out the election and turn it over to the blue bois . Thinking about selling the homestead and getting out of this mess. Tired of holding my breath to vote for a big government lackey . Probably should be south of the Mason-Dixon when the shooting starts . Even the Amish are talking about civil war . They are tired of seeing their young girls raped and murdered by ethnic imports from the third world . Google Justo Smoker for clarity on the latest abomination .

I understand your frustration, but not voting is not the solution, Viable candidates mixing it up with the Rinos include Mandel, or JD Vance for Senate, and perhaps Warren Davidson as primary challenger to Dewine. Plenty of fresh energy.

Btw Robert, are you just here to complain? The purpose of this forum is for discussion and strategy to build a better tomorrow.

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Hello, Ohioans!
Is anyone still here?

I’m sure you may have heard of this Intel $20 billion to build new semiconductor plant outside of Columbus. This is some of the best news for re-industrialization I have heard in a long time. Have to give credit to Gov. Dewine and LG John Husted and the whole economic development team. The largest chip foundry in the WORLD. Silicon heartland! Take that china.

Imagine all of the peripheral industries and companies needed around this investment. I’m sure there could be some opportunities for water resources and sand(quartzite) mining investments. Localize supply chains


I am very excited to see re-industrialization efforts being sparked here in the United States after our great drought of outsourcing virtually everything but the only misgiving I have is that if the supply chains straitens itself out before they break ground, which at this rate is unlikely but still possibly, will they get cold feet and pull out, leaving Columbus on its ass after building up the infrastructure to sustain such a plant? Its something to think about, and not dislike anything that may have been seen before.

Nail on the head - not just Ohio but the entire nation. We are funding our demise. I think we are going to have to get creative on defunding education through government and funding it privately. There are a lot of smart people out there with technical and teaching skills that individual families can invest in by pooling their money that would be a win for all involved.

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