Passwords autofill extension

So I had been using brave browser and I like it but I recently switched to tusk and am really liking it. My only problem is there is no way in the browser to save login info to make it easier to login this is an problem because I have a lot of passwords. I was wondering if there is an extension I could install that would do this obviously one that respects the users privacy?

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I use BitWarden, not sure if there is an extension for Tusk. I have enjoyed Bitwarden, works across multiple platforms, very secure. Just don’t loose your password and encryption key, Bitwarden cannot reset it.


There are a few password managers out there. Keeper Security ( is another good service that can auto-fill. NordVPN also came out with their own password manager


Storing passwords in browser extensions isn’t the safest option. Do look into some of the password managers out there.

I use LastPass with Brave. Never heard of Tusk but it may have have one for it. My wife and I share our subscription to Lastpass (there is a free version) that way we always have each others pw especially since keeping track of her pw has always been a sore spot! :slight_smile: